We specialize in Workers' Compensation!

Eaze Med is a National Provider of Medical Equipment, Home Health, and Mobilty including:

  • Ab Binders
  • Ankle & Foot Braces
  • Canes
  • Cold Therapy Units
  • Crutches
  • Custom & Prefabricated AFO's
  • Back Braces
  • Custom & Prefabricated Compression Garments
  • Dynamic Splinting
  • Elbow Braces
  • Custom & Prefabricated Orthotics
  • Fracture Bracing
  • Knee Braces
  • Walking Boots
  • Neck Bracing
  • Prosthetics
  • Shoulder Slings
  • Walkers & Scooters
  • Wrist, Hand & Finger Bracing
  • Shoes

... and much, much, more


Our Core Values are different than business models or slogans. The Eaze Medical Solutions Core Values are statements we live by, and what make us a uniquely better organization!

Cost Savings: We are committed to providing the best value, and that includes cost savings below the State Fee Schedule pricing.

Communication: We will always keep you updated throughout the various stages of the referral process. Whether you check the notes in our portal, or we add notes to yours.

Efficient Turnaround Times: We work as a team with a sense of purpose. Although, Eaze staff members work in a fast paced environment, we continually look for opportunities to reduce patient turnaround times while integrating your processes into our workflow. We work every file everyday, and new referrals are always called on the same day they are received!

Customer Service: We value and develop our relationships. We are passionate, empathetic, and friendly with our clients, patients, and vendors. We solve problems even when they are not our fault, because we realize that even when it is not our fault, it is always our responsibility to provide great service and solution centered attitudes.

Medical Billing Services - Whether you need your prosthetic estimate reviewed for medical necessity, or you need us to seek approval for a pending prosthetic device, we handle all aspects of the billing process.

Ask about how we can help with your medical billing needs!

  • We can seek retroactive authorizations.
  • We can negotiate with local shops.
  • We can provide comparison quotes.

For Our Providers:

Eaze Medical Solutions has a growing network of over 1,000 Orthotic and Prosthetic providers and hundreds of medical equipment vendors across the nation. We would love for you to join us!

We Offer:

Timely Payment

Guaranteed payment terms according to our contract language. You will never be short paid or paid late. We pay what we agreed to pay, when we agreed to pay it. We value our relationships with our providers. If we don't have an invoice on file in a timely manner, one of our friendly staff members will call you to obtain it.

Streamlined Billing Process

We save you the time and hassle of submitting your claims on a 1500 form, and we accept your invoices faxed or emailed to us.

We Specialize in Worker's Compensation

And you could be our preferred provider in your area!

We Offer No Fault Billing Services for You

Not only can we provide referrals to you for services, but you can funnel your worker's compensation referrals to us for billing. With our strong relationships in the industry, we can assist with all your work comp and auto claims.

Our Provider Coverage:

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About Eaze Medical Solutions

Specializing in orthopedic products for the workers' compensation market.

Our Speciality

Eaze Medical Solutions specializes in providing orthopedic products to the workers' compensation market. Our objective is to make the referral and ordering process quick and simple for our clients so they can stay focused on their day-to-day business.

National Coverage

Eaze Medical Solutions is located in Taylorsville, Utah, just outside Salt Lake City. We offer national coverage for your patient’s needs by working with vendors and representatives in both rural and highly-populated areas so we never have to turn your business away.

Top Priorities

Meeting the needs of our clients is our top priority. With an emphasis on building lasting relationships, Eaze Medical Solutions focuses on fast, yet personable service.

How it Works

We offer multiple methods for you to submit your referrals, so you can choose a process that’s most convenient and meets your own preferences. You can fax, email, call, or enter them into our portal. We will never dispense anything without first getting your approval for the codes and cost we would like to provide. You can be assured that we will keep you updated on the progress of your patients every step of the way. Whether you log into our website, or we provide updates to yours, you will always have a clear view of progress and updates whenever you entrust your business to Eaze Medical Solutions.


"Eaze Med is AMAZING!!!! They are by far, hands down the most genuine provider we work with. There is never a worry in my mind that the DME wouldn’t be ordered in a timely manner. All the claimants they come in contact with also have nothing but good things to say. Eaze Med is the best, they actually care about our patients, and it shows. I daily pick her as a provider over all the rest of the providers we have."

Ancillary Operations Representative

"I have worked with Eaze Medical Solutions on a variety of different items: compression stockings, braces, cold therapy units, slings, and shoes. They have always come through, even in the trickiest of situations and have always gone above and beyond for all orders. I would be lost without them!"

Patient Care Coordinator

"I use Eaze Medical often. The staff is friendly, fast, and is willing to take anything I throw at them!"

Patient Care Coordinator

"Eaze Medical Solutions is my number one go-to when it comes to DME orders. They are fast, efficient, and is a blast to work with. We love working with Eaze Bracing!"

Patient Care Coordinator

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Eaze Medical Solutions tries to be as accessible as possible to all of our clients. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

4548 South Atherton Drive, Suite #240, Taylorsville, UT 84123

Phone: 888-722-7599
Fax: 801-770-4654


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